Raffles Medical Q2 FY17

Raffles Medical (RM) just announced its Q2 2017 results.
Results Overview At first glance, RM’s Revenue, Ops Income and Net Income for Q2 remained constant or showed marginal fall over Q1 respectively: 1%, -1.9%, -2.3%.
Its Net Cashflow from Ops of $23.6m is similar to the $23.8m in Q1.
Balance sheet remains strong, with $112m cash and only $53m loans and borrowings.
All in all, results seem fine.
But its share price is a different story. It dropped about 5% to $1.21 on 1 Aug, one day after its result release, and fell further to $1.185 on 2 Aug afternoon. That is about an 8% drop since result announcement.   
This piqued my interest. RM has been on my watch list for long and I am interested to know if this is a good chance to start accumulating the shares.
RM Traded at High Valuation Market has high growth expectation on RM when its shares traded at an expensive PE ratio of 32x, based on share price of $1.3 before latest quarter results. It was priced very optimistically due to its growth pr…

Selling Decisions Made Simpler

Buying and selling are two sides of a successful investment. But selling can be tricky, especially when counter is deep in the money and investors are caught between realising profit or waiting for further rise.

Selling actually deserves much more attention in one's investment journey, but we rarely accord the same level of analysis and scrutiny to selling as per buying. It  is important as allows investor to recycle their capital into new counters/assets, or keep them in war chest for better opportunities. Sometimes it prevents loss from snowballing, and allow us to preserve our capital. Also, in the grand scheme of things, we need to take active steps in managing our portfolio as there is time to buy, to sell, or simply do nothing.

I analysed some of my recent share sales when it is in green but did not go as well as expected, and attempt to map out the different situations where I thought of selling. The decisions are compiled into a table characterised by judgement in 2 aspect…

Term Insurance

I have never talked about personal financial planning in my blog, even though it is such an important topic.
It is important because financial planning helps us manage risks of undesired events that can wipe out one’s savings and assets. The cost of dealing with, and recovering from, these catastrophic events is very large, such as medical cost for dread illness, cost of surgery due to accidents, or cost of having a caretaker over long term. These events are unforeseen but the risks are very real. Financial planning helps us prepare for these events happening, and enable us to recover from incidents more easily and get back on with our life.
Financial planning is a broad topic. Insurance is one important piece of the puzzle. A commonly shunned topic among common folks, but no less important than investment.
In general, insurance plans can be grouped according to the purpose and type.
Insurance Purpose Life Insurance Health/Medical Insurance Investment and Annuity Type Term Plan C…

Could Basic FA Have Helped Me Avoided Noble?

I bought Noble stock at the earliest date of, according to my record, early 2010 at a price of $1.69 (price quoted pre-10 to 1 share consolidation from here on). I traded a few rounds of Noble after that, with the highest buy price at $2.02 and lowest at $0.845. Details were sketchy as I just started investing back then and didn’t keep proper transaction records.
And what is the current price of Noble on 7 June 2017? $0.033. That is a whopping 98.4% plunge in from the highest price I ever paid for it. For the record, I held my Noble shares from 2010, and just recently sold in Mar this year at $0.195. In other words, I witnessed its share price dropped, and dropped, and dropped further. I lost around $13k on this share. 
It is the most epic, disastrous and horrendous investing experience I ever had.
Investors usually have a short memory and I believe many would not recall that Noble was once trading at $2.2, and perhaps I am one of the very few investors who held Noble for this long,…